About Victoria Maria

Victoria-Maria has been passionated about decorating since her childhood. “I still remember how I used to constantly move around the furniture in my bedroom and drive my mum mad - she says - I have always felt the urge to make things mine, adding my personal touch to any space I lived in”. 

Now in her 30s, the self-taught interior designer is German by birth but grew up in Brussels, Belgium. Her international background explains her mastering of several European languages and her feeling at home everywhere. 

Victoria-Maria travels all over Europe to follow her constantly growing decorating projects and always does her best to ensure her clients’ needs are met.

“I love the brainstorming and the mood boarding stage”, she explains, adding that she is also a keen product manager. “My clients choose me because they like my style first, but then they keep coming back because they love that I follow personally each and every stage of their projects and always deliver on time”.

“Victoria-Maria loves to combine ancient and modern”, says one of her clients in Paris “ and she is never afraid to mix and match furniture, colours, textures and objects from the past two centuries”. 

Audacious in her choices she has a very recognisable personal touch. However, she will patiently listen to her clients’ point of view and will go great lengths to include the grandmother’s chair they love so much into a contemporary and stylish home. 

Victoria-Maria’s goal - as she puts it - is to “make my clients’ dreams come true”.